Rome Brass Bone White M-L - Bone White - Female

235,98 € (συμπεριλαμβανομένων των εξόδων αποστολής)

Features and technical details

ROME BRASSHey rider, here you will find at a glance everything you need to know about theROME BRASS SNOWBOARD BUCKET.Lightness and precision are the basis from which the Brass was born, idealized as a lightweight all-mountain binding dedicated to riders looking for stability when bombing downhill or in full send mode. Intermediate Flex and PureFlex Ankle Strap ensure the right force transmission while leaving the right amount of room to maneuver when looking for trick or rescue durande mac3 powder descents or on fast directional changes between trees/ski school kids.BRASS ROME SNOWBOARD BINDINGBRASS, WOMEN 'S SNOWBOARD BINDERS by ROME that rocks. Bindings are sold in pairs including discs and screws for attachment.BRASS Fullwrap : the full headband allows the best energy transfer and makes the whole binding more solid and direct in movements.BRASS Pureflex ankle strap : this minimally designed strap has a good flex adapting well to the boot but leaving the right freedom for movements.BRASS Progrip toe strap : the front strap expands and conforms to the shape of the boot for a firm and precise grip.BRASS BombProof buckles : one-piece aluminum ratchets for better grip and longer life.BRASS Fast Entry : straps are pre-bent so they are easier to get in and out of once opened.Its list price is 299.99 euros but only at Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the best price guarantee.Choose your gear and come try it out with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's snowcamps!!!
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Rome Brass Bone White M-L - Bone White - Female

235,98 €
= 299,99 € 209,99 € + 25,99 €
Η προσφορά ενημερώθηκε : 20/3/2023
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